About us

Chaos Gears is founded by people with more then 20 years of experience in ITC sector who decided to abandon the slow and unreliable world of on-premise infrastructure for fast, flexible and endless possibilities of delivering business value of Cloud.

We create better IT experience with large enterprise organizations, software houses and startups.

Every day, we empower these organizations to adapt to innovative their technology and operations model much faster. We achieve this by leveraging:

  • Enterprise DevOps / SRE
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Continuous delivery
  • Cloud computing
  • Containerization
  • Chaos Engineering

…all delivered within agile model.

We believe that our modern approach is visible in the discipline in which we improve the distributed systems so as to create confidence that the systems will withstand any turbulent conditions in the production. 

When we adopt it in a controlled way we can also induct cultural change in the organization and together with technological transformation it results in a faster, leaner and more innovative business of our clients.

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Why We’re Different

First and most important — no bullshit, just truth, the one you can rely on. We are disruptive because we want to transform the enterprise in a completely new way — the one where old-rustic consultancies and outdated system integrators cannot provide you support. New journey with a hell of experience.

Our goal is to empower your organization to create in-house crystal clear technological strategy. The one  that will last you years, the one that is possible to deliver, operate and improve. We work as a team in cycles, continuously improve your infrastructure, applications and  your business. We enable you you to get to your market faster on more robust, more secure and compliant environment and we ensure you are ready for to grow your business.

Our Co-Founders

Maciej Lelusz Advisor Chaos Gears

Maciej Lelusz

Board Advisor

Co-Founder and Board Advisor of Chaos Gears, public cloud architecture and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) company focused on automation, IaC and Chaos Engineering as a way for improving system resiliency. He’s the founder and CEO of Inleo, an independent technology and project management consulting company which integrates enterprise technology professionals. He’s focused on company management, cloud and datacenter design, VMware and storage architecture, community management and blogging. He cares about enterprise technology, IT transformation and its culture and people involved. His focus is on creating better experiences with technology and quality of IT itself. He is an experienced trusted advisory to many clients in Poland and Europe. Proudly holds the titles AWS CSA, VCP, MCP, MCTS and 8 years in row honored VMware vExpert title. He is the founder and organizer of InfraXstructure conference and co-leader of Polish VMware User Group and AWS User Group Poland Krakow.
Karol Junde CTO Chaos Gears

Karol Junde


Co-Founder and CTO at Chaos Gears. He is a strong believer in Chaos Engineering and ``Destroy to Improve`` Theory. He’s focused on cloud architectures design and automation and as team leader, he's responsible for the development of Gearbox automation platform - our product. As a big fan of Netflix’s internal culture, he's constantly improving his team following the one main principle of taking on full responsibility. He always pays strong attention to technology and seeks people with new ideas and high performance. What’s more, he holds 3 AWS Associate certificates. Karol is the co-organizer of AWS User Group in Poland.
Konrad Dudek CEO Chaos Gears

Konrad Dudek


An IT consultant with 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Specializes in architecting cloud solutions and knows how to solve technical problems in cooperation with maintenance teams. Konrad participated in the development of one of the biggest IT system integrators, which is currently one of the leaders on the Polish market and the largest Cisco partner in terms of turnover. He has great experience with cooperation with the top IT solution suppliers in the world.

Konrad is oriented towards B2B customers with emphasis on the analysis of their needs and satisfaction. He has long term practice in IT project management for the major and most demanding customers. He also has the the ability to introduce optimal ICT solutions in all aspects of the project undertaken. On top of this, he has developer background (he is a co-author of the Mistrz Polski '96 - Manager Piłkarski game for Amiga computers).